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Re: '69 Mach1
« Reply #50 on: September 28, 2021, 04:47:28 am »
Going to try 225/60/R15's as soon as I can find time/funds to swap them over...

Trying to stretch the door rubbers to fit nicely at the top/rear of the doors.

Going to finish off wiring for the console gauges then the dash cluster goes in. Test all that, paint the 2 interior panels and install the interior.

Then START!! Whoo hoo....

Hey jiffy,
I know what you mean about funds, every time I say to my wife “I need this” her answer is “of course you do” hahaha
We can be sitting in the lounge room of an evening and I say “I need to go measure something “ and she says “of course you do” hahaha.
Glad to see your progressing!
Cheers Phil.
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Re: '69 Mach1
« Reply #51 on: October 13, 2021, 10:26:50 am »
so - very chuffed with myself for getting some of the prettier parts ready for install - found a nice KM/H speedo in the UK so that went in to a new repro cluster housing (I know it should be argent around the lenses, but I am out of time...) with some really nice pieces:

I had the clock reco-d many years ago, and that is sitting in a new housing - I still need to install the map light, but hopefully that proves to be easy....:

And I have to say that I that I was very clever for assembling the console!!

I think it looks terrific and the chrome work is very bright (around the lighter) and a new 4-speed insert.

I didn't feel so clever once I had tried to place it into position and then realised that it won't fit over the shifter until you remove the top-plate with the insert and gauges first then re-assemble in-situ. Ah well, one of many lessons to learn AFTER you needed it...

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Re: '69 Mach1
« Reply #52 on: October 18, 2021, 10:27:13 am »
ok - big weekend!

Spent Friday night, Saturday and Sunday doing a bunch of the final things you need to do before starting the car.

Did a few of them twice because, well - just because.

Primed the oil pump - luckily I had an old distributor shaft lying around and used that. Made the electrical drill I was using smoke a bit as it was working pretty damn hard, but got a bunch of oil pressure for about 20 seconds, figured that was probably enough to get oil everywhere it needed to be. Put the distributor back in, filled the primary bowl, squirted some "Start you b*****d" down the carb, jumped in then this:


I can see how tired and stressed I was - it made me pretty abrupt when talking to my brother who has helped me a lot with this car. My wife Lara was doing the camera work, and she was more excited than I was. Probably would have made more sense to packed it all up and waited for another day until I was fresher in case something went wrong.

Luckily nothing did. A few oddities to work out - a leak inside the heater box (new core, so pretty disappointing), the ALT light stays on weakly after you turn the key off and the dash-lights aren't working when the "lights" are turned on. Best of all, the gauges in the console worked perfectly - couldn't be happier.
The only casualty was the speedo cable which was resting on the exhaust pipe, so that's a bit worse-for-wear...

Also, the tach sits at about 1500 rpm (which was where the idle speed was set - the engine has been broken in and dyno'd already) but doesn't really climb. I am using a Crane XRi module in the distributor, this replaces the points but uses the resistor wire, original coil etc - not sure if that means I would need a tach-adapter, but I'm hoping not. I have another tach set-up that I'll try, see if that makes a difference.

Obviously the car is filthy, it gets a load of dust all over it from the local quarry - all my cars do. But the car needs to go off for paint correction and a cut-n-polish after the paint can debacle, so not to much I can do about it until the rear window is in.

Wow - I'm exhausted. A couple of days off is called for, then back into it...
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Re: '69 Mach1
« Reply #53 on: October 19, 2021, 08:43:38 am »
Way to go Jeff. Congrats.

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Re: '69 Mach1
« Reply #54 on: October 20, 2021, 11:42:01 am »
You are doing a great job with this build. Looks like you had a fun and productive day modifying this car.  :cheers: