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This has probably been done before but - I’ll ask anyway.

With the theft of a SCJ Mach1 recently, and a friends modern GT - both found a week later stripped out, I’m thinking of getting a GPS Tracker Alarm for my cars.

Anyone bought them, fitted them, used them? I’ve heard horror stories about the police refusing to act on location info, but I’m not sure of the accuracy of that?

Feel free to PM me if you’d rather not share your secrets on an open forum.

Thanks in advance.

Check out Mustrack.

It's by an Australian mustang owner and the guys I've spoken to love it. It's the one I'll be fitting.

Yes, available on the other forum

I have put one in my 65 and One in my 60 F100.  Different brand in each. But both notify me when the car is moved and it also gives me break downs of how and where I drove them. Lately I have been away from home for periods so it gives me a piece of mind, just in case a POS breaks into my house and tries to steal the cars.

derwin66 do you just use SMS, or do you use a website for history, configuration etc?


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