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GPS trackers

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I use a website,  Vylio website, for one and SMS for the other which sends you to google maps

Vylio is free... very cool.
I can't compete with that  :bow:

I've fitted a Mustrack and couldn't be happier. Has options to turn off switches by remote such as fuel pump, fuel shutoff or coil. Simple to install and plenty of tech support. They even include and set up the sim card.

Hey Jeff, I purchased a Mustrack system and works great in many ways. Can stop engine when its running. Tells you when the engine starts/battery disconnected/towed/has a range alarm where if the vehicle is driven past a certain distance from your home point a SMS is sent to your phone/computer etc. Many others.
Use a Aldi phone card in unit. Im on $15 plan. Lasts months. Depends on your settings and what you want sent to you.

Cheaper than others and works better.
Highly recommended.

I agree Giffo. Have been meaning to fit one of these for quite a while.


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