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WA legal registration requirements. 66 Coupe

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Hey, looking for some advise on many modifications getting done to my 66 Coupe, which may save some time,money and heartache.
Has anyone done any of the following and could point me in the right direction to for-fill WA legal registration requirements.

List of modification
Front coil-over conversion
Rear coil-over conversion
Electric power steering
Wilwood disc brakes front and back

I would assume I will need to have an engineer pass some or all of these modification and was hoping someone could share their do's and don't.

Not sure about WA but I am highly dubious as to whether NSW would pass the rear end conversion given the lower shock/spring mounting position.

Should not really be a big issue apart from the electric power steering (just don't know much about them and compliance requirements as not an area of interest personally). Ideally calipers should have outer piston dust boots which yours may not have (?) but precedence exists for engineered Wilwood kits so it should not be an issue.

My 1968 Fastback is legal and fully complianced with upgraded disc brakes, slight suspension modifications, BA seats and 3 pt belts. I did the engineering report myself as I am a qualified Mechanical Engineer, Chartered with the Institute of Engineers Australia, National Professional Engineers Register and have considerable experience in industrial/mining engineering, testing and commissioning. So with these credentials the  DPI gave me permission to do my own engineering cert.

Ideally you should approach one of the registered engineers with the DPI before commencing the following journey as they will ultimately have to sign off on your work/project:

Step 1: Fill out application to modify ( should have really done this before procuring parts)
Step 2: DPI will respond with an "in principle approval letter" so you can proceed if they deem your modifications to have met the code requirements
Step 3: Complete mods
Step 4: Engineer will inspect vehicle, undertake testing ( i.e abridged ADR brake test), etc ( rectification works may be requested so engage early so requirements are defined)
Step 5: Engineer will supply a report, inspection check sheets, brake test data and signed declaration
Step 6: Purchase vehicle mod plate voucher from DPI Licensing Centre
Step 7: Vehicle inspection over pits and issue of Mod Permit ( assuming no rectifications works required)
Step 8: Attend DPI Licensing Centre for update of details in DPI system

Note the final 3 steps maybe be simplified if you attend a DPI inspection centre versus one of the private operators who are certified to conduct inspections.

I was entertaining the idea of undertaking this work but on hold at the moment due to confidence in revenue to justify my insurance premiums. Estimated cost for the above engineers scope is about $600. Before you engage an engineer I would quiz them on public liability and professional indemnity insurance as some of the operators are "cowboys" in my opinion. The report I produced for my vehicle was above and beyond the norm including GPS data logged brake tests but my if you are going to do a job you may as well do it properly!

I don't really come on this forum frequently find me on Mustangtech if I am slow to respond to a query or bassan at .


Hey Travis, thanks for the great feedback. Let me know if your insurance premium issue changes, i'd be happy for you to help me thought the process. Cheers Rod

What is your registration timeframe since it appears to be a longer term project? I have a few people who have expressed interest in using my services if it gathered momentum I would commit.

The National Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Modificaitons NCOP5 - LG and NCOP11 - LS cover suspension, steering and brake upgrades. Any modifications you undertake will have to be compliant to these specifications.



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