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WA legal registration requirements. 66 Coupe

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Trav, the car is waiting for new doors to arrive from the US mid June, then booked for paint thereafter. Electric power steer will have to wait, all other components are in or ready to go. motor and gearbox will go in before painting hopefully in a week or two (its maybe not the right way to put in before painting) Steering will be manual steer for now. Full wiring need to be done after paint. So will be a while before drivable for braking tests. I've been collecting parts for 7 years and have all major components. So, touch wood I think barring any major hiccups 2-3 months, it will be drivable. Being an enthusiast and not an expert in any mechanical field, I have a few issues that I will need assistance with. Rod

Hi there

how did you go in the end with your mustang ?

I have done  a Willwood conversion front and back on an XR Fairmont, also in WA,  and would be interested to hear how your approval process went.

Hi mate,
Shouldn't be much of a bother for just a brake upgrade. Refer to above step by step on the process.

From memory only sticking point with some of the aftermarket brake kits is for road cars/licensing piston dust boots are preferred - and not all of them have that. For a pre-engineered kit from a company like Wilwood you should be pretty safe generally.

Try Dan Pitic if you need an engineer. I don't have all insurances so wouldn't do work for other people .



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