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Ford Australia 1966 Mustangs

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I just found a quite detailed article at . The author reckons all the Ford Australia conversions were coupes, which would make sense if they were done to promote the XR Falcon (no fastback or convertibles there).

That link is in my first reply ( I think I edited as you replied), as i said I cant find any documentation on the fastbacks or convertibles but I have actually seen the fastback.
As with anything to do with these cars the more you think you know about them the more you realise you dont know much at all. Maybe oneday all the info will come together.
Soon I hope.

non member:
I had a red Australian complianced 66 coupe in my shop in the early 1990's. As I have said, the conversion was very ordinary & actually was not pleasant to drive. It left my shop untouched by us (It was only here for storage while for sale). Do not know where it is now.

As for value, I would say the same as another 66 in similar condition, but maybe someone would value the uniqueness of an Aussie VIN, but not "big bucks"



I have read and Im trying to recall where, but all 3 body shapes were imported and converted by Ford.  Mostly coupes however.

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Found this in a book called "The History of Ford in Australia" by Norm Darwin

"On release, the XR was maligned by people who didn't know any better, 'Its just a 1966 American Falcon with a few Australian modifications', was the cry. Ford advertised the car as 'Mustang Bred'. Bill Burke even had Mustangs imported to support the XR promotion. The Mustangs that he imported were all Hard Top Autos, most were 200ci six cylinder models with a sprinkling of V8's. An initial 48, 1965 cars were landed and converted to RHD at Fords Homebush plant. The conversion used Falcon/Fairlane RHD steering componets, the instrument panel was switched using sheet metal parts supplied by a local Sydney supplier. The completed cars were then fitted with a Ford Australia Identification plate, located on the drivers side inner fender or suspension tower. With the release of the 1966 models a further 161 Mustangs were imported and converted in the same manner, the 1966 cars were only slightly altered in ornamentation and did not pose any additional conversion problems.

Following on from this initial batch of Mustangs, a further supply continued to flow to Australia on special Dealer orders, this practice appears to have continued until the early 1970's. Approximately 200 additional cars were landed and converted to RHD by contractors outside of the Ford organisation."

End of quote.

I was converting Mustangs in 1973 but do not remember them having Ford Australia ID tags (at that time, ie; 1973). I had been under the impression, for all these years, that the conversions were done outside of Ford. So according to the book mentioned above,  65/6 Mustangs were converted at Homebush. Something I did not realise.

All those years taking my classes through that plant & not realising that Mustangs were processed there. At least now I can add Homebush along with Dearborne & San Jose to Ford Mustang plants I have visited.



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