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New wiring harness
« on: January 25, 2023, 04:12:54 pm »
Hi peeps,

Im sure this has been covered before but i cant find it , I am looking at some upgrades to a 70 Mustang , starting with the wiring harness , after some opininons on the best and easiest fit for a self installation . Im not an autoelec , my future upgrades will include a dakota digital dash and sniper efi so needs to be compatible.

Also car is RHD , are these kits universal for LHD and RHD or do you need to get a specific RHD kit , i.e as these are for LHD cars will the wires reach the dash display if it has been moved to the RH side

looking at - American Autowire or Painless or Kwik Wire,

Any advice would be appreciated , also if anyone has paid for any of these to be installed I am open to this as well depending on the cost.


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