Dash Cams anyone ?

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Dash Cams anyone ?
« on: January 15, 2019, 06:01:26 pm »
I'd be interested to know what, if any, Dash Cam owners have fitted.

when I purchased my '17 GT the dealership offered to sell me a (fitted) dash cam with front and rear cameras - I really did not like the model or the price.

I did a bit of scouting about and eventually settled for the iRoad X9.  I thought that the extra features (e.g. lane departure warning) would be useful - have not turned this on.

This is a front and rear system without a built-in screen but with a decent Android app/interface.

I fitted the front first and, several months later, the rear.

I am very happy with the installation as it does not take up a lot of space  - the whole thing is quite discreet although it does have "Cylon" lights that flash.
With parking mode the camera records when the car is shut down and then automatically shuts itself off when battery output drops to a pre-defined level )you can adjust this setting).

I like the added security for parking - looks 'active'

I'm really happy with the kit for $600 however, I then purchased a Xiaomi 70mai for my wife's car for $40 - front only but super-impressive.
I bought this off ebay and the voice is all in Chinese/Mandarin - the seller refunded my $10 in compensation.
I was able to find an English firmware which I flashed it with and now the voice is in English - tells me when it's recording basically.

The wiring is all tucked away out of sight and it's plugged into a front USB so that it comes on when the car starts and turns off when the car is turned off  - no parking mode etc.
It also has a smartphone app/interface.

However, for $30 I could not be happier.

So, if anyone is interested - the iRoad X9 is a great set up for front and rear, hardwired, parking mode etc. dash cam.
If you want el cheapo - the Xiaomi 70mai is a great buy for around the $45 mark (done pay $90 from Catch) - I've also see a similar dash cam at Supercheap for $129.00 - just differently branded.  ANd, if you do opt for the Xiaomi 70mai and the voice is in Chinese - don't worry as all it does is tell you the camera is recording - your smartphone app/interface will still be in English.

I'd be interested to know anyone else's experience.

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Re: Dash Cams anyone ?
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2019, 07:07:47 pm »
Unfortunately it seems like these cameras are really needed these days. A while ago I had a young guy confront me after he tried to drive over a plantation to cut into the waiting traffic. He dented my mudgauard with his fist after I refused to get out of my ute to fight with him. I reported him to the Police who rang him and got abused by him.
Long story short, the Cop said after speaking with him and looking at his record he believed everything I told him, but without video footage or a witness there was nothing he could do.

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Re: Dash Cams anyone ?
« Reply #2 on: January 16, 2019, 08:22:32 am »
Dash cams are definitely worth getting From experience.
I had a guy oncoming side swipe my car.. :toetapping: and as you do we exchanged details but he started to try to say it was me who had moved to the wrong side of the road, of which a work colleague following him was going to support.
I then advised my dash cam will no doubt tell a different story and I will be happy to have them both charged with fraud if they wanted to take it further.
His insurance company sorted it out. :thumb:

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Re: Dash Cams anyone ?
« Reply #3 on: April 16, 2019, 02:39:52 pm »
I have Viofo A129's in front for both my wifes car and my daily, and Viofo A119's as rear camera's on both, plus a A119Pro in the Mustang.

Given the price of these - less than $180 for the A129's and less than $130 for the others - I cant fault the picture quality or reliability (have had the one in the mustang for a couple of years).

I have never had to use the footage for an insurance claim or the like. But is has given me some funny recordings of trucks stuck under bridges, etc.