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Genuine ford performance exhaust upgrade.??

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G"Day All,
When I got my vehicle it was the dealer principle demo car and is fitted with the upgraded cat back ford perforformance exhaust with blach 4 inch tips.
Does anyone else have it and know how it compares to similar exhaust systems,remember I didn't pay for it as an extra($3450).
Sounds great,but im wondering if its worth say going a Borla upgrade($2500) will it be any different or am I just wasting my coin.?

Hi Wiradjuri the ford system is made by borla  the ford system is probably touring with a resonator pull the res and put in a x or h pipe that will change the noise
cheers tim

Hi. I had read somewhere that the Ford Performance exhaust was actually a Borla S Type which has an x-pipe.

If it does have a resonator and you do change it out for an X-pipe I’m interested in buying the resonator.


G"Day All,
I just crawled under it and its ? 2.5 inchs from the cats back to the res and then ? 3 inch out of the res back to four inch black tips., so ide say its borla from the res back then.
Where can I get a cross pipe that goes from 2.5 to the 3 inch pipes, If I wanted to get rid of the res.?
Do you think it would drone to much.?

hi call fred at American speed in melb borla importer good bloke


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