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Bad service


Ben Rycroft:
On 24th July 2018 I had my new Mustang serviced for its first time at Rex Gorell Ford, Geelong.  I drove it home and to my horror, found it was leaking oil badly.  It went back on a tow truck and the sump bolt was found to have not been tightened properly.  Luckily no damage done and many apologies from service consultant Alex.  I paid $365 to have my car incompetently serviced by an apprentice without adequate supervision.  If a Ford dealer can't properly do an oil and filter change on a new Ford vehicle, then what does that say?  I have been offered half price on my next service, but they don't have to worry... I will never be back.

Couple more klms and it would have fallen out! engine dead :sick:

Exactly the same thing happened to me with my Hilux service, I only noticed it when it was parked in the street as l had a gravel drive and couldn't spot the puddle, of course Toyota were very apologetic and to a degree full of Sh#t excuses, Makes you wonder if the simple things are such a challenge how do they manage the complex stuff, doesn't say much for their "training" :ouch:

I remember the maiden voyage in my FJ Holden which I had installed all V6 Commondore running gear (Motor, gearbox, diff brakes etc) and we went for a cruise towing a caravan to Cairns (2500 kms). When I got there I had to do an oil change and nearly sh#t myself when I realised I had forgotten to tighten the sump plug because it undid with my fingers. Needless to say, i never mentioned it to the other half! If the sump plug fell out you would have very little warning time between low oil pressure warning and engine damage.

I had the same thing happen when I tool my old Toyota Sprinter to an Ultra Tune service centre years ago but in my case I think they purposely left the sump plug a bit loose. When I took it back they talked me into fitting a new head gasket. I still had the oil leak after however and took it back. I was then told that it was just the sump plug that had not been tightened up. I have never been back.


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