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exhaust for mustang GT 2017

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I have fitted a few of the Lukey cat back systems with great results to customers vehicles, Gives the old school deep note. Not too much droning.


--- Quote from: GTA302 on September 30, 2018, 05:12:57 pm ---Hi Alan,
Borla & Invidia gear is top quality, I have a 17 GT , I went with a Borla touring resonator and an Invidia Q300 sport rest of way to the back , I found without a resonator the exhaust was a touch too loud and drony for me , as I do a lot of longer drives on motor ways where you spend a lot of time at around 1800 to 2000 rpm where drone really shows up , I also dyna matted the boot which made a noticeable reduction in road noise too !

--- End quote ---

Dyno matting a new car speaks volumes for the NVH properties out of the showroom. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

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I have the full Borla cat back Atak system on my 2017 and have a factory fitted rear boot mat and it as quiet as a mouse on the highway at 1800rpm.
Need to be a bit careful around town though.
Sounds great.

Pete Gala:
I have hurricane exhaust. Was a little tame but with the resos removed it’s perfect no drone and not too loud but deep. And the best thing is when you get on it. It’s got that deep raspy note.

I’d be interested to hear what a H pipe would sound like though instead of my xpipe. Also I’d love to hear it with a set of  hurricanes headers too. I’m sure it would be wicked.

Then again the cervini side pipes look and sound amazing. Pitty they would be illegal.


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