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exhaust for mustang GT 2017

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Hi Guys I have recently bought a 2017 mustang GT and looking for best aftermarket exhaust, I want one with plenty of growl but not enough to be stopped by police , I was thinking Magnaflow cat back but not sure which option street or competition,
im thinking street may be the best option

also whats your thoughts on X Force with Varex or roush axle back

Anyone give my any thoughts on this please

many thanks Alan

I just had hurricane headers and full xforce system fitted. love the sound and not too obnoxious and added a nice amount of hp aswell

If you want the best then Borla would be a good option.  x-force is Chinese made gear, and would not be what I would call "the best".  Magnaflow is middle of the range, and could be an option if your budget is tight.

We have some system in stock that we will do a 20% discount on if youre quick.  See here:


Hi Alan,
Borla & Invidia gear is top quality, I have a 17 GT , I went with a Borla touring resonator and an Invidia Q300 sport rest of way to the back , I found without a resonator the exhaust was a touch too loud and drony for me , as I do a lot of longer drives on motor ways where you spend a lot of time at around 1800 to 2000 rpm where drone really shows up , I also dyna matted the boot which made a noticeable reduction in road noise too ! 

Dropped a mate of mine of at Mercedes-Benz to pick up his AMG from a service. The mechanics standing around all came out and said that the exhaust on my Mustang sounded exactly like one of their 6.3l V8s .... they were amazed  :burnout:


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