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Roush gt axle back too loud!!

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Howdy Mustangers!

Picked up a stock 2016 gt convertible about six weeks ago since then I’ve added an Airaid cold air intake, oem lower front grille, dash mat (glare is shocking!), SR performance X pipe and deleted the I’ve just put on the Roush gt axle back (with black tips) BUT it’s just too loud!!! Ive got a cradle lock out kit coming too
Back to the pipes It sounds absolutely awesome and honestly it would wake the dead. Put it in a dB meter cold start 95db warm idle 84db (that’s fine) 4800 rpm the whole neighbourhood hears it

It’s so loud I had two young men in a modified RX7 (you get the picture) they didn’t want to play because my car was much louder!!!

Here’s the problem though’s noticeably more powerful!!

The x pipe was $200 vs $800 for the axle back so first is to put the resonator back on see if that quietens it down enough to not be cop bait but still sound the business.

Do I Put the resonator back on just to quieten it down or do I just drive like miss daisy around the neighbourhood?? Any thoughts comments appreciated any else finding similar problem??

Welcome Todd. If it sounds okay by just taking off normally without too much acceleration then it should be okay. If you are not comfortable with the noise level doing that then you should look at quietening it down a bit. I have read other forum comments about just an x-pipe being too loud so your are not alone in your thoughts. The resonator should do the trick I would think. I put a Bora catback on mine and it sounds good, not too loud, and the resonator is still on.

As far as I know putting the resonator back on work do anything about the loud noise . The mustangs are loud on cold start up anyway . Changing the Roush axle back is the only way out . A mate of mine just fitted the Roush axle back system  only , and yes it's very loud on cold start up and when you get up it ,cruising is ok . Mine is ok because all I did was change the rear mufflers ,loud when I get up it but nice on start up and cruising .

Thanks Glenn, that clarifies the query about reinstalling the resonator

A resonator only stops the exhaust resonating and is not a muffler . They are straight through pipes encased like a muffler and filled with packing so you don't get that boom boom sound inside the car . I think changing the mufflers is the only way . My mates is too loud also .


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