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Hello all.

I know there has been some chat about after market exhausts but seeking views now.

I have a GT convertible.  My first V8 - but its too quiet (common complaint).

I do not want loud but do want deep grumble under acceleration.

Have been listening on YouTube and am keen on Borla S-type axle back.  Not going for the Roush axle back.  Dealer has also suggested Hurricane but can't find a video (to listen) on this.

Grateful comments and suggestions for axle-back system.

Ive got the Borla Atak and its not drone loud, but it is loud. As far as a deep rumble, its not that. Its raspy more than rumble.

I fitted some aftermarket mufflers on mine ,not axle back just the mufflers and no drone .  I left the rest of the exhaust system std .  The only time it drones a little if you can call it that ,is when the automatic changes into 5 gear to early when driving slowly ,so I tap it back by the paddle .  It's not the exhaust it's the early gear changing causing the problems ,the revs are to low for the speed to car is doing and  the engine is  under load . I can't remember the brand of the mufflers but will find out tomorrow and let you know . I fitted a K&N panel filter also .

I'd highly recommend the MBRP exhausts. Available from CJPony and if you wait till Black Friday sales (soonish Nov?), then likely landed in Aus for less  than $1200. Fitment can't be easier too.

I have the race, which is LOAD with awesome rumble and even at idle it has a real muscle car throb thanks to the H-pipe. For the same effect, just a bit less loud, I'd go the street version.

Hi brumbe,
I did exactly what you are doing before I did my exhaust, You Tube & forums etc looking opinions on the Invidia Q300 sport cat back , to cut a long story short I went Invidia and ended up putting a Borla touring resonator in after two weeks, peoples opinion of loudness and drone vary greatly as I found out. some people do long trips and some short around town driving. best listen to the exhaust your thinking of going with on a car and for more than a few minutes if you can, if your in Sydneys west I'd be happy for you to have a listen mine.


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