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2016 Mustang GT V8 Exhaust Sound

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G'day guys

I've just joined this forum and I am patiently waiting for my car, an Ingot Silver Fastback Auto, to arrive hopefully, late June. I'd like your thoughts on the Exhaust sound for the stock car.
I've gone through a number of road reports, both in print ( Wheels and Motor) and on Youtube reports and there are mixed messages regarding the stock Exhaust sound. Some reviewers think the sound is great, others think it's a bit too quiet. What do you guys who are lucky to already be driving them(!) think?

I do like a nice sounding exhaust as long as it doesn't drone at 100kph. What's the verdict with the stock exhaust?

I have noticed that mustangmotosport. are offering a JBA exhaust for a very reasonable  $1,100
Here's the link:
Any of your guys know about this exhaust?
I'd rather not blow my warranty by purchasing this or any other aftermarket exhaust unless I really have to. Only thing that may make me pull the trigger would be if the stock exhaust is really too boring and quiet.  Any thoughts?

Contact Salthorse on this forum.  He picked up his GT about a month ago and when standing next to it at the Gembrook car show I couldn't hear it running.  He said he had a set of new catback exhausts to fit, so might have done that by now. He could tell you if it has worked, and where he got them from.


Thanks for that

Any other thought from anyone?

Welcome to the forum. I think I am going to wait until I get mine to see if I am happy with the sound before making an decisions on whether I will change it. I also like a nice exhaust and prefer a deep burble sound personally. However it doesn't hurt to get various opinions along the way and hopefully I will get to listen to a couple before I decide which way to go.

Wow, I rate a mention in this esteemed forum. Here's my opinion, noting that I haven't had the Roush system fitted yet. The standard system certainly sounds like a V8 is pumping out the sound at the rear end but is quiet inside the cabin with the windows up. The car is very well sound proofed. When the foot is planted, you can hear the purr but it would benefit from an aftermarket system . My dealer advised me that an aftermarket exhaust won't affect the car's warranty; however, the warranty on the exhaust system might be affected. Check out these links from CJPony Parts:

! No longer available and ! No longer available

When I get the time to get it installed I'll post a report with some sound bites.


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