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Wanted To Buy / 69/70 fastback Quarter Window handles FOUND
« Last post by jiffy on Yesterday at 09:38:47 pm »
Hi guys - searching everywhere in Australia for a new set of these:
And I found them...
Tech Torque Pre 1973 / Re: Tacho not working
« Last post by jiffy on Yesterday at 09:35:52 pm »
Yup - tach adapter required.
Mustang Chat Room / Re: 2003 Mustang 4.6 litre STV Supercharged 6 sp manual
« Last post by jiffy on Yesterday at 09:33:05 pm »
I have a Australian delivered 2002 Cobra, I installed a 2003 S/C Cobra drivetrain from a wreck in the US.

The engine/gearbox etc has about 65+K on it now, it cost about $20K to swap out everything out - it's also had the seats swapped, gauge cluster, exhaust, fuel system, trunk & spoiler/hood/bumpers/scoops, wheels and Brembo brakes from a Cobra R etc. It's as close to a Terminator in Australia without going through everything your seller did.

I upgraded the Eaton to a Whipple and it's a monster 425rwkw/971NM - they're cool cars and 7/800hp with the right add-ons is reliable due to the forged internals and Manley Rods as standard items.

In the US the value of the 03/04 cars is going up - they're knocking on the door of $30KUSD for a great, low-mileage example now, but the market here in Oz if different and people think of the Tickford Cobra not the Terminator Cobra.

I'd value my car at around $40K on a good day and a Convertible slightly less - although the fact that your car is an original 03 would negate that.

Just my opinion...
Tech Torque Pre 1973 / Tacho not working
« Last post by John&Mustang on Yesterday at 08:37:19 pm »
Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and suspect this question has been asked long before me. I have a 1971 Mach1 with a boss 351c with a MSD ignition which includes a 6al ignition box, a MSD Blaster SS coil and a MSD distributor. Which all runs sweet as. The previous owner did all this work but the tacho has never worked he told me. As a result he put in a after market tach which works with a MSD 8920 tach adapter. I've disconnected this to try the original tach but it doesn't work as he previously said. Other forums suggest that it needs the 8910 model tach adapter to make it work. Any suggestions please.
Mustang Chat Room / Re: 2003 Mustang 4.6 litre STV Supercharged 6 sp manual
« Last post by scollist on Yesterday at 02:56:53 pm »
Australian delivered 2002/2003 SVT Cobras on are going for roughly half that price.

But they were probably purchased originally for the same or more than the capital that the seller has in this one.

The quality of the RHD conversion will be an unknown, whereas an Aust delivered one was at least commissioned by Ford.

The Aust delivered ones have some known issues - one being that the clutch cable stretches, as it is very long and runs right around the front of the motor (presumably to avoid a tight radius). Cables are hard to come by - have to be custom made. Whether this one suffers the same will depend on how the manual clutch mechanism has been modified.

Search for SVT on this forum and you might find out more, plus be able to contact some owners.
Forum Help Desk / Re: Can't post anything!
« Last post by GLENN 70 on Yesterday at 01:41:17 pm »
I give up . It worked  :thud:
Mustang Chat Room / 2003 Mustang 4.6 litre STV Supercharged 6 sp manual
« Last post by GregBA on Yesterday at 01:33:39 pm »
I'm looking at buying this vehicle, a 2003 Mustang Cobra SVT V8 Supercharged Manual 5 speed. The vehicle was originally purchased and shipped by the current owner in 2007 from the USA and converted to right hand drive. A RAW Scheme Inspection Certificate was also provided.

The question I have is what do you think this vehicle is worth on the open market. It owes the owner $70,000 with the original purchase price, shipping and RHD Conversion. A high price for it I think due to probably over capitalised. You comments will be appreciated.
Forum Help Desk / Re: Can't post anything!
« Last post by jiffy on Yesterday at 12:56:53 pm »
Posting from mobiles is still largely broken.
I can edit an existing post, but not create a new one...
Tech Torque Pre 1973 / Re: Rear Leaf springs
« Last post by nickd on Yesterday at 12:24:47 pm »
For our 65 I bought a new set of mid eye springs from a local Mustang supplier. They retained most of the original comfort and also lowered the back by about 1.5 inches.
Tech Torque Pre 1973 / Re: Rear Leaf springs
« Last post by AussiePhil on June 21, 2021, 08:06:23 pm »
Hey Glen,
I've got a lovely set of leaf springs off my 68 coupe, I fitted four links and Coil-over shocks.
They are five leaf with a half leaf on top for axle tramp.
Photo attached to give you an idea!
Cheers Phil.
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