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Hi all,
I witnessed today the most amazing racing series at Mount Panorama added to Australia in many years!
The Trans-Am series is the most exciting thing I've seen in years! The way they come down the esses and around into Forrest Elbow is incredible!
The cars do everything V8 Supercars can't do, they slide into and out of corners, crossed up leaving big black lines.
They are raw, just like old old days!
I hope all of you get to see these in real life and enjoy them as much as I did today.
Cheers Phil.

Another cool race today.   Mustang wins it's class

Hey Aussie,
Shame about the Local Legends crash also!
In all a great day for Aussie cars!
Really good morning of Radicals, Trans-ams, GTs and TRC, I stayed till haft time in the 6HR but it got to hot in the sun. :cry:
Watched the end at home!
Bathurst council and Cams, V8s and other to build permanent shade structures or Grandstands!
Cheers Phil.

You lucky lucky fella to witness it Phil,
I have to get my TransAm fix on youtube.......well worth the 20 minute view......out of the sun..

Hey Michael,
An old fella (about my age) sat down next to me at Murray's on Sunday morning and we started talking, I said have you seen these yet as the Trans-ams rolled out, no he said, only on TV, so I told him they are most amazing car series I've ever seen!
He was amazed, and he had travelled American for six months going to places like Talladega, Indy, Daytona etc. etc. So he was no novice! At Murray's corning they'd out brake themselves in a four wheel slide and catch it! Just amazing!
He was as thrilled as me! I'll watch your YouTube later, my wife says will you turn that down, as she's watching Judge Judy!! hahaha.
Keep well!
Cheers Phil.


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