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Ford Australia 1966 Mustangs

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I have a mate whom unknowingly bought a 68 coupe, cause it was cheap at auction, turns out to be a 390GTA aussie converted by ford in the gellong facility back in 68, really is quite a neat if not a perfect job.

I just purchased a 1970 Mach 1 with a Ford Australia compliance plate, so I'mnterested in the different comments that will be brought up here.

I have had contact with a member in the Vic chapter regarding the history of this vehicle and he is going to do some research for me.

As far as the conversion quality, I wouldn't say it was perfect but it has lasted for close to 40 yrs so no reason why I can't get another 40.

I too had been of the impression that all the 1966 Mustangs converted by Ford Oz had been 289 coupes, to promote the new V8 Falcons. I looked at buying one around 1978, but found the speedo had been clocked, so gave it a miss.

The 1966 Victorian registered cars originally had black and white plates with numbers about JP.... series, and the predominent colours were Candyapple Red and Wimbleton White. My car's plates are about mid-1966 issue.

I think senior Ford Oz execs of the day could more or less take their pick of Ford cars, and well connected Ford dealers such a Bib Stillwell could get USA cars imported to order, which might explain the fastbacks and verts slipped through the Homebush conversion line.

There was a well known place in Melb converting Lincolns and Caddies called Chapel Engineering, who I seem to recall did the later one-off Mustang conversions for Ford Oz.

I was told when I purchased my car that it was converted in Australia and at the same time it had the sunroof fitted (early falcon winde back style) Thought he was pulling my leg as I had never heard that before.

He mentioned the name Bill Buckle a few times and after reading this article maybe he was correct however can't be certain as the compliance tags were taken off when they restored the car. The rear backup lenses being converted to amber with dual purpose and the conversion of indicator, light switch etc, and not converting the wiper motor also seems correct to my car.

Never know, maybe it was. Would be good to get some more detail.


I think he also did the mini-gem, but its a vague memory.


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