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Tech Torque 1979 to 2014 / Re: 2002 Cobra Air bag fault code 33
« Last post by dwdrapper1 on December 08, 2023, 11:12:24 am »
Thanks Jiffy. It's saying passenger side open circuit.

How much do you want for a replacement passenger airbag?

kind regards, Darren.
Mustang Chat Room / Re: Mustang ID
« Last post by AussiePhil on December 07, 2023, 04:32:18 pm »
Have you opened the bonnets yet to get the VIN numbers!
Are they Fastbacks!
I’d be interested in the 64-65 if it’s a Fastback!
Cheers Phil.
Mustang Chat Room / Re: Mustang ID
« Last post by Reborn67 on December 07, 2023, 11:28:56 am »
As l mentioned the paper trail is minimal at best,
My starting point is chasing import verification from Canberra, l cannot rely on anything else,
Cars were brought in and stayed in NSW, and have not seen the light of day in over 20 years
Mustang Chat Room / Re: Mustang ID
« Last post by Herman on December 07, 2023, 11:09:04 am »
You mentioned you have the paper trail of cars, this is a great starting point as there cars VIN should be included within import approvals.

In regards to compliance plates, this dependent on which state the cars RHD conversion was done as different states have varying requirements.  In Victoria for example my RHD conversion was done in the late 90s/2000s and doesn't have compliance plate but engineers certificate once the work was is required to be included within registration of the car.

Therefore, which state & business completed the conversion as others may known the car/s

Mustang Chat Room / Re: Mustang ID
« Last post by Reborn67 on December 07, 2023, 07:48:16 am »
There lies the dilemma, if l need a new door tag because the original is gone, but l have to have one to get another one..,,
Mustang Chat Room / Re: Mustang ID
« Last post by GGT66 on December 06, 2023, 10:55:05 pm »
Marti will not make a door tag for 64.5-66 unless you can show them your original door tag or a build sheet. Reason being they dont have records for these models. If you could get one, you could change the cars DNA and turn it into whatever you want. Records exist for 67, as long as you have a VIN No, you can get a tag made by Marti
Tech Torque Pre 1973 / Re: RHD Conversion
« Last post by Edz on December 05, 2023, 10:02:17 pm »
This is a Youtube video that explains it.
Tech Torque Pre 1973 / Re: RHD Conversion
« Last post by Edz on December 05, 2023, 10:00:38 pm »
Much easier and neater to fit a Holden Barina/Astra pump under the front mudguard and just run 2 hoses. They do pull 15 to 70amps but neat and clean.

This is one under the front left mudguard on a Mustang.

This is the wiring for an Astra Power Steering Pump that I put together.

The pumps draw approximately 15A when idling, and between 15-35A when steering, up to 75A at full steering lock and when driving aggressively like drifting.

Outlet – M16 x 1.5 to AN6 fitting for high pressure side

Pump Wires
•   Thick Brown – Earth
•   Thick Red – Power (70A or 100A recommended - Jaycar breaker $50 or $15 on eBay)
•   Thin Black – Ignition on
•   Thin Blue / White stripe – ignition – 2 second delay brings pump straight to speed. If you connect this directly to ignition, the pump will take 10-15 seconds to get to full speed
•   Brown/white – if present - diagnostics OEM, not used

Cable to buy
Black earth cable 6 AWG 13.5mm2
Red Power cable 6 AWG 13.5mm2
8/10 mm Ring Terminals for the battery

2 second Timer Delay Relay
If you power the thin Blue/white wire 1 or 2 seconds after the thin black wire, the pump will start quicker, otherwise it can take 15 seconds to get to full speed.

You could use a $130 Narva Multitimer Relay (P/No 68076) 12A 10A to give a 2 second delay (cheaper ones on ebay)

Wiring: Pin 30 - 12V constant; Pin 31 Earth; Pin 15 Ignition on & Pin 87 – 2 second delayed ignition on output to little Blue/white stripe

Cheaper option; $2-$6 on eBay - DC 12V Signal Trigger Relay delay time Turn Off on Timer Control Switch Module 2-10 sec (Plus $4 Jiffy case at Jaycar)

Parts For Sale By Private Sellers / EOI - Vintage Wheel Works V60 – 17x8 – 4.75 BS
« Last post by trav68 on December 05, 2023, 07:20:54 pm »
Hi All,

Had these wheels on my 1968 Fastback for a few years and contemplating a change of shoes. They are in very good condition no damage.

I do not believe you can get VWW works any more and they are a nicely made wheel. Cast finish, 10 spoke inners and polished outers.

If interested send me a PM and we can talk price and timing ( depending on availability of new set).

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