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65 Mustang 3:1 diff for sale
« on: May 15, 2023, 06:24:58 pm »
Hi to all. I have a 3:1 diff to offer - it was just removed from my 65 as kind brother in law gave me the one from his 302. I had that one reconditioned fully and it is now fitted. The one I took out was running fine, slight whirr only, but clunked going from D to R. Adam at Hornsby Diffs said possibly the noise was due to the planetary gear axles having some play. In short it will be needing a full rebuild but, while there are no guarantees, all the gears look good. A second crownwheel & pinion comes with it, gear teeth are spotless but the support bearing shaft hardening is gone [see pic]. Adam says this could be ground and sleeved for $350. No casing damage.
I am in Berowra Heights, NSW if anyone is interested to look/buy. $200 for what I think is a good rebuildable unit, or could swap a 400 Holley?
Phil 0432 886425 or packhams4@bigpond.com [can supply more images on request] I tried to add pics here but seem to have failed.