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Hi all,

I have a few questions regarding images posted on my Build Thread.  The images were uploaded directly from my computer, not via an image hosting service.  It appears that after about twelve months they are no longer visible in the Thread. 

Is this normal?  How can I have them remain visible for longer?  I tried using an image hosting site (Imgur), but I could only get a link to the image not the actual image in my post.

I'm in no way an expert in this stuff, so any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.



When posting an image from IMGUR use the BBCode link option - which looks like "/[img][/img/]" (though not exact - I had to change it so it just showed the text)

Hi Shane.  IT WORKS!  Awesome! 

Thanks for that, mate, I'm a bit a dummy when it come to I.T.  So I need all the help I can get.

Thanks again. :thumb:


Hey, nice Fastback, too!


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