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Dynacorn shell

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Hi I'm from Canada. I've got a 69 Mach 1. Numbers matching. I used a dynacorn shell for the body. Have taken all the vin identification off the original body. Can it be imported into Australia?

Are the old numbers on the new body? If so I would think you could

Hey Wattever,
I read a little about importing cars into Australia, wow! Complicated!
I think you need to get Legal advice, technically it should be registered as a kit car under modern Vehicle regulations.
Good luck, hope you can get your car imported.
If anyone knows Barney would know! Barnett468 may be able to help?
Cheers Phil.

All depends whether in the state you are shipping the car to, the authorities consider it illegal to rebirth a car with an aftermarket body shell or not.

It brings up the whole circular discussion about whether a rebodied car is substantially still the 'original' car it always was despite a very major part having been replaced, or whether it is now in fact a recently made low volume kit car utilising all or most of the components and the identity from a car of an earlier era and being presented as that same car now repaired.
Tricky.  :bolt:

Hey Wattever,
What is the resale value like in Canada.
May be easier to sell it there.
Save the hassle and purchase a car here!
Adding to the import cost these days is the asbestos check cost!
Cheers Phil.


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