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1965 2+2 A-Code Fastback


Joe 70:
I have a 1965 2+2 A-Code Fastback that's been stripped and in the process of restoration.

The car has been stripped and sandblasted, and etch primed and ready to begin the rectification work. There's rust in the rails in spots, and various places on the lower panels and floor. The bonnet is good, but the boot tho fixable, probably needs replacing. Either way as you guys know, repo metal and parts are cheap and available. The roof, front cowell and window frame sections are all good. The original front, rear and side windows are all in excellent shape as well.

Hanging panels and doors have been dipped and primed and are good - doors are solid except for the usual rust spots in the bottom front corners.

In terms of parts I have pretty much everything, except some additional panels that might be needed, depending on how you want to go about repairing/restoring.

It's all complete incl. all the chrome trim, and I have the following (plus some more bits and pieces that I can't remember, but will all go with it);

* Full set (both sides) of rails from front to rear, including the torque boxes.
* Full set of brand new 4 leaf rear springs with all bushes etc.
* RHS inner and outer (2-piece) rear wheel arches.
* RHS outer shock tower support.
* Strong running 289 Engine with correct toploader incl. brand new Hurst Shifter and Hurst Linkages ready to install. Originally, it had an overdrive gearbox in it from a later car, but I didn't want to put that one back so sourced the correct 1965/66 toploader. (happy to provide that one as well).
* New pressure plate and clutch plate, and the flywheel has been machined and the ring gear was also replaced.
* 8" Diff and a brand new tailshaft, weighted and balanced with new unis that I had made up here in Adelaide at Spicers.
* Full interior, incl carpets, seats, fold down rear, heater box - Everything was in excellent condition inside trim wise incl mirrors, sunvisors, instrument cluster etc.
* Set of brand new Rally Pack Gauges.
* The front bumper is very good, and I have a brand new rear bumper ready to go on as I wasn't happy with the one I took off.
* Set of brand new upper and lower control arms for both sides with all bushes, ball joints - all assembled and ready to go back on the car.
* New Fuel tank.
* Set of 4x14" steel rims with hubcaps and whitewall tyres (plenty of tread and purchased for resto work), and to get it thru Regency Park. Tho I believe now you can go 2 sizes up from original anyway (which would have been 17") without issues.
* Set of 4x17" repro Shelby rims for the finished car (as shown in pics via link below).   
Lots of other bits and pieces that I will be happy to provide with it - all the parts that I've removed have all been ziplocked, labelled and stored in those plastic sealable boxes in my shed.

Anyone looking for a project and serious, feel free to message me for pics and more info and I'm flexible on price.
Cheers, Joe (in Adelaide).

Joe 70:
Car is now sold.

Congrats on the sale


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