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Qld Registration Requirements for 66 Mustang


66_Shelby GT350 Tribute:
It has been 4 years since I had my last 66 Mustang and I had to get the LO2 compliance done with retractable seatbelts etc. Is this still the same now when registering a 66 Mustang in Qld for the first time as it arrives in 10 weeks from USA?

188 LVU:
Probably no change as the LO2 I used last year was dated 2014.  The compliance engineers are listed on the Dept of Trans website or other Brisbane members will give you some references.  I'd recommend you print the few pages that apply to the '66 model year to use as a checklist.  Should be straight forward with all paperwork etc in place.

For a private import the rules are covered by LO3 now. You might need an Engineers Cert (Approved Person) and you can get the details here or on the Qld TRansport site

I have just registered a newly imported (through a licenced dealership) 1966 coupe and all I needed was the basic safety cert as the vehicle was basically stock and no major mods.


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