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Winton Festival of Speed 'Shelby Mustang Cruise and Display'


Shelby 1:
A wonderful day on Sunday 5th August at the Winton Raceway 'Festival of Speed' Event. A total of 55 Mustangs cruised together up the Hume Hwy to Winton Raceway then we enjoyed 3 parade laps around the circuit. Theo won the Best Muscle Car Award for his 1967 Shelby GT-500, an enjoyable day for all who attended this fantastic event.

Shelby 1:
Winton Raceway Shelby Mustang Cruise and Display...

Thanks for the pics

I was driving down the highway Sunday morning returning from a couple of days golf in Yarrawonga. The huge group of mustang heading the opposite way was a sight to behold. Absolutely stunning.


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