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Engine builds analysis Brisbane

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Right.  I go to one mechanic last year who does a bunch of work for me and says I need headers replaced due to tapping noise.

I go to another place who says old headers are ugly but fine - noise likely to be engine related. Could be cam. Could be skirted piston. Says book in for quote.

Who do I trust?

Second guy seems super honest. JP racing.  Anyone used or heard of him.

If not who do I go to?

Going to the exhaust shops is no good cause they all wanna sell you a system. I just wanna go to ONE place which is super recommended or reliable.

Sounds like a cam  or lifter problem . Windsors do break piston skirts so could be the problem .  So go for the quote from the 2 nd guy .

Thanks Glenn.  Will do.  Mine's a Cleveland but good advice.

LEE H 69:
if your exhaust manifold gasket is leaking that can also cause a tapping/ticking noise

As Lee said also .  It could still be a lifter problem ? Clevos have non adjustable rocker gear ,so no rocker adjustment can be done unless it's a HO solid set up .  Check for exhaust manifold or extractor leak .


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