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Stolen VK HDT - Rego 72147H

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Two people entered the National Storage Facilites on Abbott Rd Seven Hills Sydney at approximately 1:50 am Sunday 6th May 2018 and stole this genuine HDT VK Brock Commodore.

Rego 72147 H, build was 414/500, build number 2711. This car means more to the owner than the money.

Please contact Blacktown police (NSW) if you have any genuine information.


Claudio's facebook post if anyone wants to share it:


Not good. Hope he gets it back in one piece.

How can something like that happen in a fully secured storage facility is beyond me. It was either an inside job or someone had keys to the car ready to go. If they were professionals the chance of recovering it is very slim. I hope it was insured to the max.

Drug and stolen goods raids happen all the time in those storage yards so there are some really nice types that already have access to the yard.


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