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[STOLEN] Targa 69 Camaro WA

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--- Quote from: unilec5544 on January 14, 2017, 12:39:08 am ---Any updates if this car has been found? Hopefully the mongrels in jail now.

--- End quote ---

From another forum:

No good news.
They (police) believe the car was put on a truck in Northam then taken to the east coast.
They also believe they know who did the job but can't pin it.

Be a difficult car to move, if it was to pop up in a workshop or at a track, any switched on person would be asking were it came from and who did the build.
Stock on the outside, extremely modified underneath.


From another forum:

Turns out this car has been recovered after being found in a sea-container.  Cops did a raid on a property here for drug related reasons and found it, has been kept pretty untouched by the look of it, just de-stickered.....

hopefully it will find it's way back to the owner soon........



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