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WA Charger and other cars-not mine


Western Australia
Hi everyone,
           I know this isn't a Mustang but it could well beas there quite a few out in the wheatbelt.
As we all know, whenever a new “find” pops up word usually gets around pretty quickly.
Anyone in WA please be on the lookout for a green Charger with a damaged rear quarter. Not much info but that’s all I am giving out at the mo.
The car had sat for many years in a dry shed in the wheatbelt and is complete and original. The thieves “liberated the car by breaking in to a shed on a farm and moving 3 other cars to get to it.
If you are made aware of a RECENT “barn find”car matching the description, or even parts of one for sale in WA, please call the Merredin Police on 0890411322
One of the culprits is positivelt identified but for some reason isn't in jail, they are acredited with the Charger as they advertised another car with it in the background, the owner saw it and called about it but by the time the owner and Police got there it had vanished and the ad was removed. he also sold a vintage 1928 vehicle and the purchaser tried to on sell it when the owner saw the ad and went and confronted the guy, short story he has it back, the thief identified but still VERY active. Selling most stuff from hines Hill east of Perth.


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