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Spotted Thread QLD Style

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3 Ponys in a week:a All spotted in Forest Lake. A Vintage burgandy 66 Shelby :(:(:( (clone?) near Brodies. A 66 white convertible lowrider near Maccas. A red 67 coupe on Blunder Rd.Any forum members here own up to these cars:p

This Saturday morning, again in Forest Lake, a beautiful yellowy green 68 coupe:( . Even though I only work in this suburb there seems to be a few nice Mustangs here. How about doing a official/unofficial club display out here in the South Western region?

Hey that could have been me going down Blunder rd except i got a 68 coupe, not a 67. I was driving on that road a few weeks ago.. Might have to go for a cruize in forest lake this weekend! Havent been there for a while.

Spotted a yellow 70? on Mains Rd Sunnybank this afternoon about 3.45

Haha these cars are starting to become like bellybuttons everyone has one! :hammer:


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