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Finally got my judging papers back from the Nationals WTF

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All I can say is WTF ...What a joke and won't be wasting my money effort or time next time around....... :tissue: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

So Happy one Not Happy  :lmao:  :lmao: or Happy one not a Happy one  :grin:

lol I know how you feel.......

Its a tough gig guys I used to be a national Jaguar judge and was chief judge in QLD a few times, not for the faint hearted, we used to judge the jags with white gloves on the hoist to look for dirt and oil on the under carriage , have you ever tried to make a 50's/60's Jag not leak oil? trust me if you try hard enough you can. I recall a bloke flying to the UK to the connelly leather factory to hand pick the hides for his car and it lost on the wrong wheel nuts that he purchased new for $35 each, but they were wrong non the less for that year of car. Dont bother its a wank. But It does preserve cars kind of how they left the factory at least.

What exactly was a joke about it?

Everyone's car is "supposed' to be judged the same way.

There might be a little favoritism at some of the small non MCA shows but that "shouldn't" happen at the MCA shows.


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